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How to Include Previous Balances in Current Invoices on QuickBooks Online
How to Include Previous Balances in Current Invoices on QuickBooks Online

Optimize invoice presentation in QuickBooks by including previous balances in current invoices. Learn to use Custom Form Styles today.

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The Account Summary section of QuickBooks Online's Custom Form Styles settings shows your transaction history for a customer's account. It includes: Balance Forward, Payments and Credits, New Charges, and Total Amount Due.

Note: To carry out these steps, you must have access to the QuickBooks account that corresponds with your LeanLaw account. If you don't, you will need to ask someone with access to perform these actions.

How To Enable the Account Summary

1. Choose the Gear icon on the top right then Custom Form Styles

2. In the Action column for the form you are using, click Edit

3. Choose the Content tab, and select the pencil icon in the Account Summary box on the right

4. Check the box for Show on invoice

The Account Summary is now enabled and you will see it featured on all future invoices. If you are interested in learning more about invoice presentation, here is a link to information about QuickBooks' custom form styles. If you use LeanLaw Payments and are interested in displaying an account summary on those invoices, click here.

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