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How to integrate Gravity Legal with LeanLaw
How to integrate Gravity Legal with LeanLaw
How to connect LeanLaw, Gravity Legal, and QuickBooks Online together for LeanLaw Payments
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LeanLaw now offers an in-house solution for requesting and receiving payments, which aims to improve collection rate and time. This feature does require completing an integration with Gravity Legal, which we'll cover here.

1. Sign up for Gravity Legal

Log in to your LeanLaw account and navigate to the Gravity Legal tab under Integrations. If you see a green graphic with all checkmarks, proceed to the next article here, otherwise, go ahead and select "Sign up to Learn More". If your firm as already signed up for Gravity Legal go ahead and select "Login to Gravity Legal".

When the connection is successful, you will see a message like this in LeanLaw:

Do note that only the first checkmark will be applied, as you'll need to complete the remaining steps to enable QuickBooks Online and payment processing.

If you encounter any errors, please contact

2. Connect Gravity Legal and QuickBooks Online

These next steps are performed within Gravity Legal and require an admin account, so make sure to follow accordingly.

On the left of your Gravity Legal page select Settings, then Integrations, then the blue New Integration button. A dropdown will appear, from which you'll need to select "QuickBooks" and confirm your choice.

This prompts you with the same popup that LeanLaw used to authenticate an integration, but now instead it's Gravity Legal. Approving the prompt completes the integration, and you're set!

The preferring settings for LeanLaw are to leave all settings within the QuickBooks integration "off", including accounting mapping. Changing any of the settings within this integration page may result in unsatisfactory results, so we do not advise turning them on.

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