This article explains how to handle retrieving and releasing time entries when an invoice has been deleted in QuickBooks Online.

LenLaw never deletes any time entries.So, regardless LeanLaw can get the time entries back.

Step One: Ensure Draft Mode is activated within your Firm Settings.  Please open Firm Settings.  (To access firm settings, just click on the area in the upper-right corner of the LeanLaw screen where it shows your name.)

  1. Under firm settings, please select Invoice workflow.

  2. Within Invoice Workflow, please change your settings to either Direct to Draft, or Draft and Approve Step.

  3. Close Firm settings.

Once you have ensured Draft mode is enabled, follow the steps to Undo the invoice. 

Step Two: Undo Your Deleted Invoice 

  1. Select the Billing tab from the LeanLaw main

  2. Select Draft from the Billing tabs.

  3. You will see the deleted invoice.It will have a tag on the right stating "Deleted."

  4. Click on the invoice and a new window will appear in the bottom of that window, you will see an "undo" function.Please select it.Once done, the time entries will be released and you can redraft the invoice. 

You can also recreate the invoice in QuickBooks by locating the deleted transaction and manually reproducing it. 

To locate the deleted transaction(s):

  1. Choose Company Menu "gear" icon in the upper right and Select Audit Log.

  2. Locate the deleted transaction.  Tip:  look for "deleted-transaction" type in the Event column.

  3. Click View in the History column.

  4. The history for the transaction will open.  Click on the arrow next to the line that shows when the transaction was created and the screen will show the information needed for you to recreate the transaction.

Once you have the detailed information, simply re-enter it as a new transaction with its original transaction date. 

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