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How Do I Set the Default QuickBooks Service for Invoices? [FAQ]
How Do I Set the Default QuickBooks Service for Invoices? [FAQ]

Set the service to which your time entries and fixed fees will be assigned in QuickBooks.

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Q: How do I set the default QuickBooks Online Product and Service for our invoices?

A: The Default QuickBooks Service can be set by first navigating to your firm's Integration Settings for QuickBooks, then selecting the desired service from the drop-down menu generated by your QuickBooks Products and Services List.

The service or identification of service on an invoice is dictated by what is selected in the Integration Settings for QuickBooks in LeanLaw. This will ensure that all of your invoices created in LeanLaw are mapped to the proper income account on the general ledger. It can also ensure proper sales tax on legal services, if required by the state (for example, HI, SD, NM, WV) the firm is practicing in.

1. Login and Navigate to Settings

In the top right corner, select the gear (⚙️) to navigate to Firm Settings.

Screenshot of expanded settings options with an arrow pointing to the gear and an arrow pointing to Products and services under the Lists Column

2. Under Integrations, Select QuickBooks

On the left side of the screen, under Integrations, select QuickBooks.

Screenshot of arrow pointing to QuickBooks on the left side of the settings options

3. Select the Default QuickBooks Service

A drop-down menu with choices will be available when selecting the Default QuickBooks Services. The list of services is synced from QuickBooks, Products, and Services Lists. If a particular service is not available it can be added in QuickBooks (see Adding a Service to Products and Services, below).

Screenshot of QuickBooks setting with an arrow pointing to the field associated with the Default QuickBooks Service

4. Save your changes

Finally, select Save Changes in the bottom right corner to complete setting the default QuickBooks Service in LeanLaw.

Sccreenshot of arrow pointing to Save Changes in the bottom right corner.

Adding a Service to Products and Services

If the service you are looking for is not present in the drop down menu, you will have to create the service in QuickBooks Online.

1. Login to QuickBooks Online

You will need access to your firm's QuickBooks Online account to complete these steps.

2. Under Settings, select Products and Services

Under Lists, select Products and services

A screenshot of QuickBooks indicating the Settings icon and the Product and services location.

3. Select New

From the Products and services page, click the green New button to create a new service.

Screenshot of the New dropdown in QuickBooks.

4. Fill out required information

The Name will be populated in the list in LeanLaw. This will also direct which Income account transactions will be mapped through. If practicing in states that require sales tax, this can be established here.

A screenshot of the Product/Servie information dialog in QuickBooks.

5. Click Save and Close

Once all the information has been filled out, select Save and close

A screenshot of the Save and close button in QuickBooks.

Note: Refresh LeanLaw to update the list of services available.

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