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How to manage your Plan, update Billing Information, and review upcoming and paid invoices to LeanLaw.

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By navigating to LeanLaw's Supscription Settings under Firm Setup, you can manage your Plan, and Card, as well as review upcoming and paid Invoices from LeanLaw.


Within the Plan tab you can review your subscription details which include: Product, Plan, Seats (Users), Price, and Billing Email.

Update Billing Email

1. Navigate to Plan tab

2. Select Update Email

3. Edit Billing Email and Save

Change Product or Plan

This setting allows you to change the product to Core or Pro, as well as change your billing cycle, or plan, to monthly or annually.

1. Navigate to Plan tab

2. Select Change Product or Plan

3. Update Product or Plan

Some changes will require you to reach out to LeanLaw support, our team will respond to you as quickly as possible to assist you with any changes that you can't make yourself!

Contact Us to Cancel

Within the Plan Tab you have the ability to use the Contact Us to initiate live support. Please provide the date you would like to cancel the subscription and our team will respond to you as quickly as possible.


Whether the firm's card has expired, or the firm is looking to change from card payments to ACH Payments these changes can easily be made in the Card tab.

Update Card

1. Navigate to the Card tab

2. Select Update Card

3. Store Credit Card

Note: LeanLaw only stores one card on file. Updating the card will remove the existing stored credit card.

Change to ACH Payments

1. Login and navigate to Live Support

2. Provide Support with Account Info

  • Account Holder Type

    • Individual or Company

  • Account Holder Name

  • Routing number

  • Account number

3. Verify Bank Account

You should receive two deposits below the value of $1, once support is provided with those two values, we can verify the bank account and set up default ACH Payments for the next invoice.


This tab includes paid and upcoming invoices to you can review your previous transactions and anticipate upcoming payments. If a payment is unsuccessfully made, you may be locked out of your account. Please contact support for assistance!

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