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Why do Certain Clients and Matters not Appear in the List of Trust Accounts?
Why do Certain Clients and Matters not Appear in the List of Trust Accounts?

The client or matter does not show up on the list of trust accounts in LeanLaw ($0 balance)

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When looking at the list of trust accounts in LeanLaw, a specific Client or Matter is not listed. You'd just worked on their case, and know they have a trust account open with the firm, but it's not longer listed. What happened?

That list of transactions and other activity is still accessible, but will need to be toggled to show on the Funds Held in Trust page.

Enable the $0 Trust Balance filter

Step 1: Confirm the Account

Let's start by making sure that the client and matter are both still set up correctly in LeanLaw. To do this, open the Matters page and locate the specific client and matter. Under the Matter's QuickBooks tab, take note of the "Trust Account" line. Does it have a green QuickBooks Online icon, or a red one? If it isn't green, that means it has been disconnected. Follow this article to reconnect it.

Step 2: The $0 Filter

Now navigate to the Trust Account tab in Billing. There is a filter to "Include accounts with $0 trust balance" that does as it suggests. Go ahead and enable this. LeanLaw automatically hides trust accounts with $0 balances to declutter your list of accounts.

Enable the "Include accounts with $0 trust balance" checkbox

Step 3: Run the Report

The list will instantly update and your missing client or matter will appear as part of the list. You'll now be able to open the account and review any of the contained information.

ProTip: If you have a large number of trust accounts, using the search bar in top-right to locate a specific account is much quicker than scrolling through the entire list.

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