Sometimes you may incorrectly enter a deposit in a trust account. You can easily edit this by heading over to QuickBooks Online.

1. Go to QuickBooks Online

Head to QuickBooks Online and open the Chart of Accounts to find the liability account tied to the Matter in question:

2. Navigate to the Client/Company

Navigate to the Client/Company in question and enter the chart. For this example, we'll be editing a deposit to "Trust Example Company". Locate the deposit in the client's chart, and click to edit.

3. Edit The Deposit

Verify that you want to Edit the Deposit:

4. Save and Close

LeanLaw will instantly update with your changes. Save and close. Refresh the screen if needed.


Hello, how do I edit a deposit in a trust account? It was entered incorrectly and I need to change the amount of the deposit. Thanks!

You can simply delete the trust deposit that was done incorrectly and redo the trust deposit with correct amount. This article shows how to delete the deposited funds from QuickBooks. Then you can go back to LeanLaw and make the trust deposit with correct amount.

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