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For Accountants: LeanLaw Workflows and You
For Accountants: Signing Up and Connecting to QuickBooks Online and Adding Law Firm Clients
For Accountants: Signing Up and Connecting to QuickBooks Online and Adding Law Firm Clients

First steps to success in LeanLaw!

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Let's get started by creating your LeanLaw Accountant account! You have the option to authenticate through your email provider, Intuit, or LeanLaw directly. For Accountants, we highly suggest using your Intuit credentials, as it enables additional features for assisting your law firm clients. 

Remember that you're setting this first account for your Accounting firm. We'll cover the creation of your law firm clients in a later article.

Connect to QuickBooks Online:

1. Click the Settings Gear

2. Scroll to QuickBooks Integration

Scroll down the Settings Menu to select the section labeled QuickBooks.

3. Open QuickBooks Integration

Click Connect to QuickBooks.

4. View and set up QuickBooks Integrations settings

You will choose your QuickBooks Online Accountant account first. This is what is connected to your LeanLaw Accountant account. Once you are connected, you will see the QuickBooks Integration settings page.

From here, you can choose all of your settings, such as adjusting the Default QuickBooks Service to the Type of Accounting you would like to do - either Client or Matter. Instructions for setting up your firm's expenses sync can be found here and instructions for setting up class tracking can be found here.

Many Accountants use LeanLaw to track time and invoice their own clients (even non-law firm clients).

To set up a law firm client who will be using LeanLaw, you will go to Settings > My Firms and then "Add a Firm". You will then log in to that firm and go through the QuickBooks Online integration as you did above, but this time it will first show your QuickBooks Online Accountant account which you will choose, and then choose your client's QBO account from the drop-down list. Once you invite your client to their LeanLaw account they will be able to go to the subscription page and set up their subscription.

Once you have set up law firm clients using your LeanLaw Accountant account, you will be able to toggle between your firm and your clients in LeanLaw similar to how you toggle among your QuickBooks Online clients.

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