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What is the best version of QuickBooks Online for LeanLaw?
What is the best version of QuickBooks Online for LeanLaw?

Choosing which version of QuickBooks online for a law firm planning on using LeanLaw.

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There are four versions of QuickBooks Online with which LeanLaw is compatible: 

  • Simple Start

  • Essentials

  • Plus

  • Advanced

The majority of LeanLaw users use Essentials, Plus, and Advanced.

Best place to start: Ask your bookkeeper or accountant: if you have an accounting pro involved in this decision -- it will save you money and time in the long run. Engaging a new financial software is a big decision and hopefully, one that you won’t have to revisit for many years if you approach it methodically at the start. An accounting pro can understand your firm’s workflows and operational needs and will be best suited to guide you in this process. If you don’t already work with an accountant or bookkeeper, consider using a LeanLaw Accounting Pro - they are bookkeepers who are fluent in both QuickBooks Online and LeanLaw. 

Thinking about QuickBooks Online Advanced

QuickBooks Online Advanced is a great solution if you don’t want all of your users in the accounting software. 

Plus and Advanced have features around invoice presentation, classing, and other reporting that LeanLaw taps into. If you are a mid-market law firm and want to control who works in QuickBooks and who works in LeanLaw, using QuickBooks Online Advanced should be a consideration.

All recommended version of QuickBooks Online have the following:

  • Trust Accounting is facilitated through LeanLaw even though all the actual accounting happens in QuickBooks Online. Since we are deeply integrated, you are always in sync - no two sets of books.

  • Expenses can be entered in both QuickBooks Online & LeanLaw -- depends on your firm’s preference.

  • Timetracking, rates managements -- your users are in LeanLaw, not QuickBooks Online. 

We advise our clients to start with a leaner version of QuickBooks Online product because they can always upgrade as they see the need for greater features. Please be advised that you might hit a paywall in QuickBooks Online when using a feature in LeanLaw: LeanLaw can’t control that.  

Unfortunately, LeanLaw isn't compatible with QuickBooks Self Employed. That application doesn’t work with apps from the QuickBooks App Store.

To get half off on your first year of QuickBooks Online, use LeanLaw’s exclusive link. 

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