Accidentally set up a Client with the wrong Trust information? Let's get that cleaned up!

We'll need to remove the accounts and transactions in the reverse order we created them.

Transaction: Start by removing the transaction from your QuickBooks Online. This is found under the Client's Liability in your Chart of Accounts.

Liability: Next, delete the entire liability. The Delete option is found in the dropdown. 

QuickBooks Client: Deleting the Client is a bit trickier. To do so, find the Client in your Sales tab, and Make Inactive. This hide the client from your list, and effectively removes it from your QuickBooks.

LL Matter: To remove the Matter, you'll need to have removed all time entries, expenses, and other information related to the Matter. Once done, in the General Settings of the Matter, Archive it. 

LL Client: Once all other steps have been completed, go ahead and delete the Client. 

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