I have a duplicate matter, how do I delete one?

How do you delete a matter? I made a mistake and created one under the wrong client.

How to Delete a Matter

1. Navigate to the matter's Info tab.

First, navigate to the matter and click on the matter's "Info" tab.

Arrow pointing to Info on the Matter's navigation bar

2. Delete

As long as there is no WIP (Work in Progress), expenses, or fees created for the matter, there will be the option to delete the matter on this page. Select Delete.

Arrow pointed to the Delete button in the Matter's Info

3. Confirm deletion, select OK

Arrow pointing to the OK which confirms the deletion of the matter.

Matters cannot be deleted if they already have time entries created. In that situation, they can only be archived.

How to Delete a Client

Once all matters associated with a client have been deleted or archived, a client is automatically deleted. To Delete a client, follow the instructions in the following article: How Do I Delete a Client? [FAQ].

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