How to Create and Edit an Expense

Have an expense to record? Here's how it's done!

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In addition to time, you can track and later bill your firm's expenses with LeanLaw. This guide will cover creating expenses. For how to bill expenses, click here.

Creating An Expense

1. Open Expenses

The Expenses tab is found on LeanLaw's main navigation bar. Click on it to view all recorded expenses in a list layout.

An image of the navigation bar with the Expenses tab selected.

2. Create a new expense

In the top right of Expenses, click the green Create Expense button. This will bring up the Add Expense window.

An image showing the green Create Expense button

3. Finish the expense

Finish the expense by selecting which client and matter the expense will be billed for the expense, a description of the expense which will be listed on the invoice, and all other known information. When you're finished, click the green Save button to finish the expense, or the green Save and New button to finish the expense and record another one.

Your firm now has an expense assigned to a client and matter which you can use for invoicing and reports!

How to Edit an Expense:

If you need to edit an Expense once you've saved it, click on the 3 vertical dots on the right side and select "Edit":

Saving Your Expense as a Template

If you will be creating this Expense often, you will want to save it as a Template to help you save time as you create Expenses.

To do this, once you click Edit, you can click on gear shift in the top right hand side and you will see a drop down menu display:

Your choices are to save the Expense as a Template for future use, Mark As Billed, or Delete the Expense to start over.

If you choose Save as Template, you will need to give it a label and an invoice description to make it an Expense Template. Once you complete the labeling and invoice description, click Save Changes exit the window. If you want to Mark As Billed, it will make the Expense a billed Expense.

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