When adding new Users to the firm, or elevating status of a pre-existing partner, it is necessary to make some changes in LeanLaw.

Step 1: Open Settings

In the top-right toolbar select Settings⚙️.

Step 2: Open the Users section

Select the Users option from the bar on the left-hand side. You may need to scroll down the list, as it is towards the bottom.

Step 3: Select the User, and Change the Role

Once in the Users page, you will see an overview of all users in the firm, their status, role, and their stage in the setup process.

ProTip: For an explanation of what each role does, or the additional permissions that can be set for a role, check the linked articles at the bottom of this section.

Clicking on a user opens a widow displaying settings specific to the user:

You're now able to select the "Role" dropdown, and adjust the role the user is set to. From this page you can also change other properties for the user such as rates, name, or access to settings.

Step 5: All Done!

Once you've reassigned their role, and saved the changes then you're all set! You can confirm this from the Users settings page by checking the "Role" of the User.

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