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Product Update - May 2016
Product Update - May 2016

Invoice numbers; QuickBooks downtime protection; Minor improvements

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I am happy to announce a handful of minor improvements and fixes to LeanLaw!

  • Ability to set invoice numbers when creating draft invoices

  • You can now create draft invoices even if QuickBooks is down

  • Invoice presentation settings

  • Ability to set QuickBooks product/service for expenses when create draft invoice

  • Allow deleting matters if there is no activity (as opposed to archiving)

  • Several improvements and bug fixes

Some detail:

Invoice Numbers: Roll your own

There is a company setting in QuickBooks called custom transactions numbers. It is off by default, and most of you should probably leave it that way! :) When off, QuickBooks creates invoice numbers automatically in a numerical sequence.

But some of you have a special invoice numbering scheme. So you can now enable this setting in QuickBooks and if you do, LeanLaw will allow you to enter a number when creating an invoice:

QuickBooks Downtime

LeanLaw is designed to work closely with QuickBooks. This has some advantages, for example you will always have an accurate up-to-date account balance for you customers when preparing invoices. And there is no sync'ing!

However we experienced a downside last week (April 28) when QuickBooks was down for the whole day! LeanLaw's time tracking still worked fine, but the billing tab didn't.ย 

We take very seriously that LeanLaw is such a key piece of your daily workflow, so we are taking steps to still you to prepare and review invoices even if QuickBooks is down. We have implemented one thing already, which is that you can create draft invoices without QuickBooks and you get a warning on the billing tab when QuickBooks is down.

Invoice Presentation Settings

We added some new settings under "Invoice Presentation" in your Firm Settings. They are described in more detail here:


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