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New in LeanLaw: February 2023
New in LeanLaw: February 2023

Release notes: payment link mapping, roadmap visibility, my reports, webhooks, and more!

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What’s new in LeanLaw this month?

Smarter Payment Links

Before this month, you may have noticed that any payments received through Gravity Legal payment links were creating records in QuickBooks in your Undeposited Funds account, even if your LeanLaw wasn't configured to use Undeposited Funds under the Trust Accounting settings page. This was a limitation for the beta phase of our email feature, but our goal has always been that the payments which are automatically created in QuickBooks when your client pays a payment links take shape based on your LeanLaw accounting settings. This month, we achieved that.

Now, whenever a Gravity Legal payment link is paid by your client, the form and account mapping of that payment will follow your Trust Accounting settings.

  • If your firm has Frozen Trust enabled (default), payment links will ignore trust account balances.

  • If your firm has Live Trust enabled, any payment for a client with a trust account will be converted into a trust deposit, and evergreen replenishment requests will be factored into the amount due.

  • If your firm has Use Undeposited Funds checked, any payment link that would be mapped to your operating account will instead be mapped to the Undeposited Funds account.

Feature request/roadmap

We've added new options to our ❓ Support dropdown that allow you to request new features and view the features currently in our sights.

A screenshot of the Support dropdown indicating the Request Feature and Product Roadmap links

Want to request a feature? You can drop it in our inbox with the Request Feature option. Want to see some of the feature ideas that are being formulated or actively building? Click on Product Roadmap. Our product team wants to know how important each feature idea would be to you. Before you go, don't forget to click the In Progress tab to check in on what our engineers have in the works!

My Reports

We've added two new reports to all users with the My Reports user permission:

  • My Origination report: This report shows the user all matters for which they've been marked as an originator, their origination percentage on that matter, and step-down origination information, if applicable. This report is great for giving attorneys a tool to verify their origination across all of their matters, quickly.

  • My Productivity report: This personalized version of the Productivity By User report allows attorneys to see the total of their expenses, hours billable and non-billable, hours to which a write-down has been applied, and the amounts of those hours. It gives users the ability to check in on their work without needing access to operator-level functions.

Payment Webhooks

We've added webhooks to our product that can be set to trigger on any payment event. Whenever LeanLaw sees that you created, edited, or deleted a payment, this webhook can send details of that event to a url of your choosing. This allows you to do things like convert the webhook message into a Slack message, add the message to a document to act as a payment log, and more!

Webhooks require some technical knowledge to configure. You can read more about setting up webhooks here.

Update history

As always, we’ve also been hard at work to squash bugs and improve the user experience. Here are the patch notes for our development.

February 22, 2023

  • Email addresses in the Client Info page are not hyperlinked, allowing you to click your client's email address and begin an email addressed to them (as long as your computer has an email application, such as Outlook, installed).

  • Changed the order that an invoice's "Paid" state is read, which will hopefully fix any firms experiencing lingering issues where an invoice has a $0 balance but still shows a due date.

  • Fixed an issue where time entries edited with the Delete and Adjust to Zero functions would not save if the user clicked the Approve button inside a draft invoice. This resulted in time entries being sent back to Ready to Bill instead of being deleted as the user wished.

  • Addressed reports of duplicate invoices being created in QuickBooks by implementing stricter standards in invoice creation. Invoice creation should now check that QuickBooks invoice has a corresponding LeanLaw invoice, or else roll back the invoice creation if it doesn't.

February 14, 2023

  • Updated the user interface surrounding our email features to reflect that they're no longer in beta. Additionally, the Email Activity Log will now appear only in the Billing workflow, instead of both the Billing workflow and the Firm Settings.

  • Fixed an issue where evergreen replenishment amounts would be added to invoices even while frozen trust was enabled.

  • Fixed an issue where disabling your firm's Gravity Legal authentication and then making changes to an invoice could cause errors in the product due to attempts to sync your changes with Gravity Legal.

  • Fixed an issue where matter-level overrides to email address preferences were being ignored when emailing an invoice.

February 13, 2023

  • Added My WIP Detail to the "My Reports" suite. This report lists the details of all time entries, fixed fees, and expenses that are assigned to the active user and are currently waiting in Ready to Bill. It's great for firms that want to keep individuals' data separated but still provide users with the ability to check in on the billing status of their work.

  • Added the ability to configure whether payment creations, updates, and/or deletions are posted from payment webhooks in the API Settings. This setting allows firms that use payment webhooks to filter which types of payment info gets posted to services like Slack, whenever their firm receives a new payment, edits that payment, or deletes that payment from QuickBooks.

February 9, 2023

  • Fixed an issue where the Collected By Originating report would show a blank value in some cells when Group By Users was checked, if the user had $0 in origination for a matter.

February 8, 2023

  • Added the ability to report a bug or request a feature through the help (?) menu dropdown in the upper-right. Have something on your mind but don't want to wait to talk to a human? Drop it in our inbox!

  • Added hover-over tooltips to the Billing page's sidebar that appear while the bar is collapsed to show only icons.

  • Fixed a "System.DateTime" error that could appear on our Drafts page due to our recent performance improvements on that page.

  • Fixed an issue where a dollar sign could appear before matter names on the Drafts page.

February 6, 2023

  • Released improved payment mapping to all firms. Now, payments created in QuickBooks from Gravity Legal payment links will properly map to the firm's operating account when Use Undeposited Funds is not checked. The Live Trust function of creating a trust deposit instead of a payment to the operating account is also now active.

  • Added an Event Webhook interface to the API Settings page, allowing you to see the configuration of your webhook and its url.

  • Optimized data retrieval on the Drafts and QuickBooks pages of Billing to support firms that create multimatter invoices containing over 100 matters. This should also cause a general improvement in performance for all firms on these pages.

  • (Mobile) Added a protection against creating duplicate time entries to the mobile app. Reminder: close your mobile app (often done by swiping it while viewing all open apps) and reopen it to make sure you're on the latest build of our mobile app.

February 2, 2023

  • Improved the Billing UI based on user feedback that the new look felt too cramped. The Filters bar has been narrowed down in multiple places and the Search bar has been moved into some previously unused space at the top center of the screen, reducing the amount of vertical space taken up. We've also added the ability to collapse the Billing navigation bar into just its icons, reducing horizontal limitations. If both bars are collapsed, users will have more space than ever before for just the data they want!

  • As an added security precaution, API keys will now be obscured as soon as the user leaves or refreshes the page.

  • Fixed issues with the new fixed fee templates that caused the Label value to fail to be applied from a template, and interfered with assigning a user to a fixed fee when a template was used.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the QuickBooks Connector window to have ugly formatting.

Looking for more changes? You can find last month's release notes here.

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