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Product Update, April 2017
Product Update, April 2017

Client and Matter numbers, Invoice improvements, and more

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Lots of improvements this week, many of them coming from requests from you! Keep the feedback coming, we are on a mission to make the product help your practice as much as possible until one day it will do the timekeeping and billing while you sleep :)

  • Automated client and matter/project ids (see "Client Ids" settings)

  • Invoice list improvements

  • Settings pages are reorganized

  • User selector on time planner for operators

  • "Include on matters" option improved

  • Bug fixes and tweaks

A bit more detail about some of the items:

Client and Matter Ids

Many of you depend on a numbering scheme to keep your clients and matters straight. Now LeanLaw can help you with that! We are introducing options to automatically assign id's to clients and/or matters. For example, your clients might be numbered 0001, 0002 and so forth. The matters for client 0002 will be numbered 0002-1, 0002-2 etc. We have a few different options that covers most numbering needs, so check it out under the "Client Ids" section in your settings (only admins have access to this).

Invoice List Changes

Based on several suggestions from Ciceron Law (thank you!) we added improvements to the invoice lists including ability to sort lists by clicking on the headers, and also including invoice totals. We updated invoices so that the payment terms are set correctly based on the default terms in your QuickBooks settings.

We also honor the default customer message from QuickBooks. You can edit it for each invoice but and if you want to change the default, change it in the Q settings.

Many of you have enabled the DRAFT step in the invoice workflow, making invoice creation a lot easier. You should really consider that especially if one person is creating invoices and another person is approving them.

Finally, we made an improvement behind the scenes that will make the "Open" and "Paid" invoices show a lot faster.

Settings Pages Reorganized

We have organized the settings pages differently. So if you are looking for something, don't panic! You can find all the same settings in the navigation bar on the left (it used to be at the top).

User Selector on Time Planner

If you are an operator, and you regularly enter time on behalf of an other user you can select the other user in the time planner and now the time for that user appear in the calendar and any new time entries will be for that user:

Include Option

There is an option for users called "include on all matters" which you set to include that user in all matters going forward. Now when you set this option it will also include the person on existing matters which makes it a lot easier to bring in new people into LeanLaw.

What's Next?

We are always keen to hear from you which is our primary guide to what we should be working on next. You will see the following from us over the next several weeks:

  • The ability to manage trust accounting at the client level

  • Better fixed fee support (more flexibility here needed by many of you)

  • <insert your top suggestion here> :)

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