LeanLaw's software only syncs with QuickBooks online, and we do not offer any sync capabilities with QuickBooks desktop.  With QuickBooks online, we sync bidirectional, but the data is ultimately stored in QuickBooks Online.  LeanLaw is simply feeding data to QuickBooks Online.

During the initial setup of LeanLaw, we will ask the user to connect QuickBooks Online to LeanLaw via a secure authentication interface.  Once the connection is established, you will be asked to map the following:

For legal services rendered:  A QuickBooks product and service that represents the services income.  This is usually called Legal Services.

For reimbursable expenses: A QuickBooks product and service that represents the reimbursable income, such as filing fees or mileage.  This is usually called reimbursable expenses.

Trust/Retainer Management
Iolota Bank account.
Operating bank account.
Trust/Retainer liability
Undeposited funds allocation for those firms wanting to make deposits to undeposited funds.

Below are two images articulating the QuickBooks/LeanLaw interactions.

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