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Product update - March 2017
Product update - March 2017

Creating invoices in a team just became much easier!

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We are excited to announce new features which will make a big difference, especially to firms where one person prepares invoices and another person approves them.

Right now when you create a draft, it goes straight to QuickBooks. Today we are introducing a new option that will allow the draft will stay in LeanLaw so can be edited and approved before it is sent on to QuickBooks later.

On your billing tab it will show up as another “step” for the invoice to go through called “Drafts.”

This is especially useful for teams where one person (a book keeper or business manager for example) creates invoices for everyone, and then each responsible partner review and approve their own invoices. The Drafts tab will show the invoices that you are responsible for.

To enable the Draft Step, go to Firm Settings under “Invoice Workflow”:

There is also an additional option that will introduce an “Approve Step” as well in addition to the “Draft Step.” This can be useful if you want individuals to go through their drafts and approve them but then have the business manager submit all of them to accounting at once. With the “Approve Step” enabled, approved invoices will accumulate there and can be sent to QuickBooks in one go. 

Batch printing of draft invoices 

For those who prefer to review invoices the old-fashioned way by printing them out, you will love this feature! Once you have created all your draft invoices for the month, you can print them by selecting them and clicking print. Simple!

Editing Draft invoices

You can edit a draft invoice by selecting it. It brings up the draft invoice as you can see below and allows you to edit the detail. You can edit text, dates, or numbers. Once you are done editing, you can submit it as approved.

If you have “Draft Step” enabled, approving an invoice will send it to QuickBooks. If you have “Draft and Approve Step” enabled, it will go to the Approved bucket first and then it can be sent to QuickBooks later. Once an invoice is approved it can’t be edited, unless you bring it back to draft.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our services team if you have any questions. We will be happy to help you get set up with the draft and approval workflow that works for you.

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