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Product update - February 2017
Product update - February 2017

A better look for invoices; Seeing and setting the invoice date; Seeing client balance on the invoice draft

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You will notice some changes next time you visit the Billing tab in LeanLaw. Some of these changes are part of a new feature that allow adding a Draft/Approve workflow step in LeanLaw which we will talk about in a separate announcement. But for now, here is what you will find:

Billing tab

The billing tab has been re-arranged slightly:

The first choices show the stages that an invoice go through. The “Ready to Bill” tab shows time and expenses ready for billing (previously called “Create Invoice”). The “Open” and “Paid” tabs are invoices that live in QuickBooks (previously combined under “History”).

The “Trust Account” tab show trust account balances, and the receivables tab show how much clients owe

Invoice Date and Balance on Invoices

You can now see and adjust the invoice date when you create the draft. And you can also see the account balance for the client on the invoice itself. The balance is the up-to-date balance from QuickBooks of how much the client owes.

We hope you like these improvements, don’t hesitate to let us know what you think. Stay tuned for more about the “Draft/Approve” workflow feature.

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