Q: I have some client matters that are fixed fee items, but that also have some billable time on occasion. Can LeanLaw support this?

A: Yes! You can add additional hourly billing to any fixed fee matter.

Fixed fee matters will default to non-billable which means that the time recorded is considered part of the fixed fee. However, should you need to add billable hours, time entries can be changed to be hourly billed.

Here is how:

  1. Create a time entry from either the Calendar or Time Entry tab.

  2. On the time entry form, select No under "Included in fixed fee?"

This designates this time entry to be out of the scope of the fixed fee and will be billed hourly at your specified rate.

When it comes time to invoice, you can choose what to include: fixed fee, expenses, hourly billing, and/or the "non-billable" time completed as part of the fixed fee matter.

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