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How Do I Include Two Contacts on Same Invoice? [FAQ]
How Do I Include Two Contacts on Same Invoice? [FAQ]
Learn how to include two client names on one invoice, via LeanLaw
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Q: I have a matter with two clients. We don't need to split the bill between them, we just wanted both of their names on the invoices. How do we do that?

A: If you have two client names that need to be included on the invoice, the best way to accomplish this in LeanLaw is using the "Override Billing Address" feature within LeanLaw.

1. Click on the Matters tab.

2. Once you have searched click on the Matter and then the Quickbooks tab.

At the bottom of this screen, you will see a section entitled "Billing Information."

You can choose to override the billing email for the matter, the billing address for this matter, or both the billing email and the billing address by checking one or both of the boxes.

3. Enter the email(s).

If you wish to override the billing email address, enter the email address(es) for the clients, separated by a comma.

4. Enter both clients' names.

As LeanLaw does not currently have a way to enter two separate client names for the billing address, this step requires a workaround using the available fields. Enter the company name, if applicable, and then the first client's first and last name followed by the word "And" or "&" in the "First Name" field, and the second client's first and last name in the "Last Name" field, along with the other address information. It should look something like the image below.

5. Review invoice sample

On the right side of the screen, review the "invoice sample" to ensure that the names and address information appear as you would like and click "Save Changes."

You should see both names like this:

Please note that when you have the Override address box(es) checked, all invoices for the matter will use the Override address(es). When you want to bill using the billing information set at the client level, you can uncheck the Override Address and then bill.

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