Q: How would I enter a credit to someone's account? For instance, if the total bill is $600 and I only want to charge $500. How would I enter a $100 credit?

A: You can apply a credit to an invoice while it's in the Draft tab of the billing workflow. This allows you to discount invoices within LeanLaw before you send them to the client.

1. Click on the "Billing" tab and then "Ready to Bill" as shown in the screen image below.

2. Click the check box to the left of the entries you want to apply credits for.

3. Click the grey Create Draft Invoices button.

4. Click on the Drafts button, just below the main navigation bar, as shown in the screen image below. You will see a list of invoice drafts ready to be approved.

Locate your invoice on this page and click on it to review and add credit.

An image showing where the Drafts button is.

5. Locate your invoice on this page and click on it to review and add credit.

6. Click the Add Credit link.

7. Enter the amount you would like to credit to the client. You may also select an activity code, task code, QuickBooks product/service, or an associated user for this credit.

9. Click Save.

The credit will appear on the draft invoice under the section titled Adjustments.

The new amount due will reflect the original amount less the amount you entered as a credit. So in the original example, the original amount due was $500.00. The client would enter "$100.00" as the credit amount. Once this credit has been saved, the new amount due for the invoice would be $400.00.

Depending on your firm's workflow, you can now submit to QuickBooks Online. or if your firm has an approval process, approve and then submit to QuickBooks Online. After you submit the invoice to QuickBooks, you will see the credit on the invoice similar to the way it shows below. (This will vary depending on your settings within QuickBooks.)

And that's it. You have added a credit to your client's invoice.

More Info:

For a more in-depth video tutorial of invoicing that also covers the Add Credit tool, follow this link.

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