Q: How do I archive a client our firm is no longer working with?

A: To archive a client, you will first need to archive all matters associated with the client.


Archiving inactive clients can clean up and optimize LeanLaw by reducing the loadable client data that is no longer needed. All reports have a Show Archived filter to include any archived data and if a client or matter is archived it can be unarchived.

Archive a Client

1. Log in and Navigate to Clients

Arrow pointing to Clients tab in the navigation bar

2. Select the Client you'd like to Archive

A Client/Matter is ready to be archived once all billable services, fees, etc have been billed and no further work will be performed.

Arrow pointing to the Client to be archived

3. Select the Matter to be Archived

If a Client has multiple Matters Steps 3-5 will be repeated until all Matters are Archived.

Arrow pointing to the matter to be archived

4. Select Archive

In the Matter's Info, select Archive

arrow pointing to the archive button in the Matter's Info

5. Confirm Archival, select OK

Arrow pointing to the OK which confirms the archive of the matter.
Note: Repeat these steps until all Matters are archived, once all Matters are archived, the Client will be reverted to being archived.

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