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Why does LeanLaw show that the invoice was already paid with trust before I paid it? [FAQ]
Why does LeanLaw show that the invoice was already paid with trust before I paid it? [FAQ]

The invoice may show you paid with trust before you actually did.

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Sometimes you may bill a Client from Trust but then you need to go back because it is not showing correctly or you need to update the bill. Read on to learn more about the trust balance and how the data is displayed.

Access the Memo

To access the memo:

  1. Click on Billing

  2. Under Billing, click on Drafts:

3. Click on the Invoice

To access the specific memo, click on the draft invoice you need to edit. Now you will see the memo displayed:

The Memo is Cosmetic

First, keep in mind that the memo is cosmetic. It will display the data based on having Trust that will cover some or all of the invoice. That data can be manually adjusted when you need to, but by default will apply all available Trust in the memo.

Because memo is only cosmetic, it needs to be changed if you are not going to apply all available Trust prior to the Payment. The amounts in the memo do not automatically change based on the payments that come after the fact.

Edit the Memo

1. Make the changes

Trust changes in the Memo need to be made during the Ready to Bill stage:

2. Drill into the Matter

You will need to drill into the Matter and go to the second stage of the invoice in Ready to Bill to edit the Retainer amounts.

Edit the Information

1. In the Ready to Bill tab, make the edits to the retainer information

Select the Client and Matter, then click the gray draft invoice arrow to proceed to the next step:

2. Click Prepare Invoice

Once you are in the invoice, click the green Prepare Invoice button:

3. Configure your Draft Invoice

Once you click Prepare Invoice, now you will see the Draft invoice where you can configure your memo:

You cannot edit the information that the Include Trust checkbox provides, but you can copy and paste it into the notes and then uncheck the Include Trust.

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