Did you forget the last zero on a payment in trust? If you need to edit a trust payment, head straight to Quickbooks Online to get your edit resolved.

Note: This does require access to your firm’s QuickBooks Online account, so make sure to have that open before continuing.

1. Open the Chart of Accounts

In QuickBooks, go to Settings (⚙) . In the menu option, open the Chart of Accounts:

2. Find the Liability Account

Once under the Chart of Accounts, scroll through the accounts until you find the liability account tied to the Matter in question:

3. Locate the Deposit

Once you have clicked on the Client/Company and entered their chart, locate the deposit in the client's chart:

3. Edit the Trust Payment

To make an adjustment to the date/amount/memo, simply change the necessary values and press Save.

You can edit the payment in QuickBooks Online and LeanLaw will instantly update with your changes. To edit it, go to the Client and edit the payment as well after you edit the trust payment


"I need to edit a trust payment. I made a transfer from trust to pay A/R and it only gave partial credit to the account. Now my bank record is messed up and it shows a dupe payment as uncleared."

Was this a trust payment that has gotten stuck? If so, you can edit the payment in QuickBooks to the correct amount. It will automatically update in LeanLaw.

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