After getting set up in LeanLaw, you will want to invite new users in your firm to LeanLaw to enjoy the benefits and make their billing easier too. In this article, we will go over adding a new user in LeanLaw.

1. Go to Settings

Click on the green gear shift to access Settings:

2. Scroll to Users

The second step is to use the navigation bar on the side to scroll to Users:

3. Invite the User

Invite the User by clicking the green Invite User button:

4. Fill in the User's details

Once you click Invite the User, you will fill in the user's details. The fields you will definitely need to complete before the user can be invited are: Email, First and Last name and what Role the user will have. The email address you enter for the use is where he/she will receive the invite:

Once you've completed the necessary fields, click the green Add User and Send Invite button to complete and send the invitation.

When the user has accepted your invitation, the subscription will automatically update to include them. For Monthly subscribers, the change will take effect on your next billing cycle, while Annual subscribers will see an additional charge for the prorated difference between the date of invitation and the renewal date.

5. Resend or Invite a User Again

If the user you invited did not receive the invite, you can re-invite them or resend the link. Click on the User's name and you will see the box pop up to Edit the User information:

6. Choose the Resend Invite button:

You can either copy and paste the link to send to your user or press OK to send the invite link to their email.

7. Change Email Address or Remove User

If you need to change the email address of the user, please check with our Support team so they can change the email address of the user and send the invite.

If you need to remove a User completely, click the Remove button at the bottom of the User Information box:

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