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September 2020 Monthly Bulletin
September 2020 Monthly Bulletin

New Features, Updates, and Fixes from LeanLaw

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Hello Fall! This the second edition of our new monthly bulletin. We will be regularly creating original content each month. This month’s edition includes exciting new features, updates, and bug fixes designed to help Lean Law work better for you.

Upcoming Features

We’re launching electronic trust requests with a partner, Gravity Legal. This allows you to ask for trust funds (Credit card or ACH) in a fully automated way. Let us know if you would like early access.

Exciting New Features

A new LeanLaw feature for “Aged Receivables” has been added to the “Billing” tab. There is now a tab labeled “Receivables” that will open up an accounts receivable aging report that shows the unpaid invoice balances by client and matter along with the duration for which they’ve been outstanding. To check out an article on this feature click the link below.

New Functional Fixes and Updates

The Desktop Tracker has been updated and you now able to be download to both Mac and PC. The Desktop Tracker is a time saving tool that enables you to complete simple tasks in LeanLaw without needing a browser open. It allows you to quickly see the matters that you have access to, create a time entry, track what you have done for the day, and start/stop timers. To check out an article on this feature click the link below.

We have now added a new option "allocation detail" button to the Revenue by Attorney Report. It will allow you to open an excel file with Revenue Allocation Detail. To check out an article on this new function update, click on the link below.

The custom field option to map to “originating attorney(s)” has been added to the drop down menu of selections when adding a custom field. To check out an article on how to add a custom field, clink on the link below.

The original draft invoice can now be viewed from the “Quickbooks” tab under “Billing.” After opening you are able to view the original draft and have options to send it back to draft, open in Quickbooks, undo, print, or generate a LEDES file. To check out an article, click on the link below.

There are many new features and product updates that originate from requests from you! Keep the feedback coming, we are working to make the product work better for you every day.

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