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Product Update - February 2019
Product Update - February 2019

Revenue allocation report; Better handling of taxes; Bug fixes and improvements

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We have the following new LeanLaw features to announce:

  • Revenue by Attorney report

  • New Report UI (beta)

  • Tax handling

  • Several bug fixes and minor improvements

Revenue allocation report

We implemented a "Revenue by Attorney" report which smartly allocates billed and collected revenue to each attorney, including allocation for originating attorneys. You can set a percentage that is allocated out of collected revenue for origination attorneys and it will automatically show up in reports.

New Report UI (beta)

We are reworking the UI in reports and have provided a preview. Check it out by clicking "Try our beta Reports section" link at the top of the reports page.

Better tax handling

Taxes are added to invoices automatically based on settings in QuickBooks Online for the firm as a whole, for individual clients, and for the product/service in question. This works both if you have QuickBooks "Automated Sales Tax" enabled and if you are on "manual sales tax".

Let us know if you have questions or if you have ideas of how to make the product work even better for your practice.

Other Improvements

  • "Save and New" option when creating expenses

  • Showing tax column in reports

  • Optional assignment of users to fixed fees

  • Expenses can now be filtered by user

  • Fixed LEDES issues related to editing draft invoices

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