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Product Update - October 2018
Product Update - October 2018

Expense syncing with QuickBooks: Guaranteed to make your life easier; Much better draft invoice review and editing

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This is a big release that includes:

  • Expense syncing with QuickBooks: Automatically sync's in prepaid expenses and bill from QuickBooks so that they can be billed in LeanLaw. See more below.

  • Better Draft Invoice review and editing: When editing draft invoices you can now create and remove time entries (before you had to undo the entire invoice to do that). See more below.

  • Performance improvement: We have made very significant changes behind the scenes that should improve the general responsiveness of the software. Performance was especially a problem for those of you with hundreds or thousands of active matters.

  • LEDES: Project and Counseling codes sets; More options to control invoice fields for each client/matter

  • Clients without Matters: Now show up on Matters page so you can create matters for them or remove them

Expense Syncing with QuickBooks

Many of you had expenses coming in from QuickBooks through credit cards or entered as "Bills" in QuickBooks. In order for those expenses to go on invoices you would double-enter them in LeanLaw. No more! We now allow synching with a "Prepaid Expenses" account in QuickBooks so that any expenses assigned to that account will automatically be visible in LeanLaw for billing.

This needs to be set up by pointing LeanLaw to an account in QuickBooks that contains the prepaid expenses (aka reimbursable expenses aka client advanced costs). You can also have LeanLaw create the account for you if you don't have one.

We strongly recommend that you enable this. It will benefit both small firms and solos as well as larger firms.

Invoice Draft Review and Edit

We have updated the UI for draft invoices. It is a much fresher look and you can do more with it!

You can now do the following which was not possible before:

  • Add or remove time entries (removing a time entry saves it for later)

  • Add a new invoice section

  • Edit the "Bill to" and "Memo" fields more easily

  • Edit the section headers

Let us know how you get along with these new features. A huge thank you to those of you who suffered through some early previews of this, it made it so much better. But keep your feedback coming, we want to make it even better.

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