If your firm has created multiple versions of a Client for each unique Matter, then this is a guide to fix that. 

This can cause long-term damage to your accounting and reporting, so contact LeanLaw support to assist. 

If the Client/Matter structure is the same as shown below, then this is the guide to resolve it. 

Open the second Client/Matter pair in the Matter tab, General settings, and change the URL from "/info" to "/assign". This will open a special page to combine Clients and Matters together. We'll be merging all of the Client accounts into one.

From the Client dropdown, select the first Client. Make sure to check the Delete old client option before assigning, as to clean up your LeanLaw account. Merge all Clients, Delete old Clients, and switch to your QuickBooks tab. 

In the QuickBooks tab, switch the Client to Matter Billing

Select Change, DO NOT SELECT "Change and Create Matters in QuickBooks". 

Open your QuickBooks Online, and create a new Client. This will serve as the new Client or Master Client. The name will need to be different than regular company name, as there's already a Client with that name. This can be changed afterwards. 

Open each of the Matters accounts in QuickBooks. You'll need to change the Display Name, check the "Is sub-client" box, select the new Master Client, and "Bill this client"

Back in LeanLaw, open each Matter's QuickBooks Connector in their QuickBooks settings. Reconnect the correct and updated QuickBooks Customer and Sub-Customer accounts. Make sure not to create new customers. 

You've now successfully migrated the firm to correct Matter-Based billing.

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