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Product Update - September 2018
Product Update - September 2018

More flexibility with rates: Overriding rates for time entries; adjusting other users rates

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The biggest thing to announce is new capabilities regarding Rates:

  • Admins can now adjust other users rates

  • Override rates for individual time entries

  • More control regarding existing time entries when changing rates

Apart from this, we have also have made lots of smaller improvements and fixes, including:

  • Ability to customize trust memo on invoices

  • New numbering option for matters

Admins can now adjust other users rates

This is available for users with access to your firm settings. Go to Settings > Users. There is now a link to "edit rates" for each user in the firm:

This allows editing not just their standard rate, but also their additional non-standard rates.

Override Rates for Time Entries

On the time entry form, there is a standard/advanced toggle button (not available for users in a "time keeper" role):

Turn this to the "Advanced" setting and more fields will appear that allow changing the rate for a particular time entry:

You can either pick a standard rate from you normal list, or type in a number in the field that says "Default rate". 

More control when changing rates

When you change a user's rate or the rate for a matter, you will now be presented with the following options:

This allows for use cases where you are changing the rate on a contingency case, and only want to change the rate going forward, not for existing time entries. 

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