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Product Update - June 2018
Product Update - June 2018

"Quick-create" and bulk-breate invoices; Multiple trust accounts; Trust transactions; LEDES 2000; and other improvements

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A key part of your workflow is to create invoices as quickly and reliably as possible. We have made some major improvements in that area, both available under Billing > Ready to Bill by clicking this link:

  • "Quick-Create" Invoices: The Ready-to-Bill page was improved and how has an option to create a draft invoice with just one click. [more]

  • "Bulk-Create" Invoices: You can also create invoices for all or some clients with just one click.

Our approach to trust accounting is that QuickBooks Online should be the "source of truth” so that information like trust balances are always in sync. Major improvements in trust accounting from LeanLaw:

  • Multiple Trust Accounts: LeanLaw now supports multiple trust accounts. A common use case for this is if you have separate IOLTA accounts for clients in different states. Go to Settings > Trust Accounting

  • See Trust Transaction detail: LeanLaw uses a liability account in QuickBooks to keep track of trust transactions for clients. You can always go to the account register for up-to-date details. We now also make that available in LeanLaw. Go to Billing > Trust Account then click a client to see all the deposits and withdrawals.

We made several other improvements based on customer requests, including:

  • LEDES 2000 support: Go the LEDES tab under a matter, and there is now an option to generate LEDES files in both LEDES 98b and LEDES 2000 formats.

  • More LEDES options: Under each user you can set a "LEDES initials," which will be used to identify users in LEDES files. Also there are now options to control the "invoice description" field (Interim vs Final) on a client-by-client basis.

  • Performance! We have made some major changes behind the scenes that should speed things up, especially the Ready to Bill page and several reports if you have *lots* of clients and time entries.

We have some features in limited release that we have made available to a few customers for testing. If you are interested in getting in on the action, let us know:

  • Support for QuickBooks class tracking. If you use class tracking in QuickBooks Online, we can set the class for invoices depending on the responsible attorney or time-keeper.

  • Case notes: An additional field on time entries that is only used internally for tracking more detail than you would want to show to clients on bills 

  • Reports: We have several experimental reports including a compensation report, a rates report (showing all the rates for clients and matters) and a ready-to-bill report with trust balances and accounting information

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