To get started, switch over to the necessary Firm's LeanLaw Account. 

Once in the Firm's account, open your Settings, and open the Users tab on the left-hand side. You'll see a green Invite User button, which when clicked, opens a dialogue box.

To invite a new user, there are a couple essential fields: 

  1. Email: The user needs to have an associated email to receive the invite at. This is the same email that they can setup their account with.

  2. First/Last Name: Time entries, fees, expenses, and any similar item will need to have a name associated with it. The user can change their name once aboard.

  3. Role:  The user's role in the firm directly translates to their Role in LeanLaw. For a full breakdown of each role, follow this guide.

Additionally, there are some fields that are not required to setup a new user:

  1. Name/Initials for Invoicing: This name/initials are used to identify the associated attorney on an invoice. In the example below, the initials "RS" would appear on an invoice for Robert's entries. This feature can be disabled, if needed.

  2. Access to Firm Setup: This checkbox allows a user access to the admin settings for the firm. These include QuickBooks integration, invoice presentation, and user permissions.

  3. Include on Matters: If enabled, the user will have access to all Matters within the firm. This is suggested for Principals, Operators, and Accountants. 

  4. Revenue to responsible.  If selected, any revenue collected for this user will be assigned to the responsible attorney in the revenue reports.

  5. Standard Rate: The default rate for time entered into LeanLaw. If no rate is entered, it will default to $0. 

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