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Product update, April 2018
Product update, April 2018

Improvements and fixes; Fixed fee page; LEDES update; Custom Field mapping on invoices

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We have made several improvements to the LeanLaw platform over the past weeks:

  • Set the tab you want to start on: If you head to Settings, there is now an option to set which tab you start on when logging into LeanLaw. 

  • Better mapping to custom fields: In Settings > Invoice Presentation, we have improved how to you can map QuickBooks custom fields to information about the invoice.

  • Improved fixed fee page: It was hard to manage lots of fixed fees for the same matter, especially recurring ones. We improved this by moving the fixed fees to it's own tab under matters, showing more clearly what is billed and to-be-billed, and allowing sorting

  • LEDES initials: LEDES files have a timekeeper id field which we populate with the user initials. However, some of you had issues where you would like the initials to be different from the initials that appear in the printed invoice. So we added a setting under users that allow you to set a special LEDES initial.

  • Better alerts and error messages: We now have notification pop up in the bottom right when you save things, or when you get errors. 

  • Making time entries consistent with matter type: When flipping a matter to hourly from internal, or vice versa, we now give you the option to flip existing time entries to either billable or non-billable.

As usual we made lots of little tweaks and bug fixes as well. We rely on you to let us know how the product can be better, so never hesitate to reach out!

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