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Product update, February 2018
Product update, February 2018

Quick shortcut in header for creating clients, matters, time, expenses and start timers. Bulk time entry

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We redesigned the header. It is "tighter" which gives a little more space for content below the header. But we also added a "Quick Create" button (the plus sign) which can be used to quickly get to functions that are using often on a daily basis:

We have previously announced a "bulk time entry" feature which is an improved version of the "time review" page and several of you have been testing it out and using it. We have now made this the default for all users. Read more about it here:

Other improvements:

  • Added LEDES Trademark codes

  • The filters (date range, client, matter) on the "time entries" page are more "sticky" so that your selections don't reset if you go to other tabs and then go back to "time entries".

  • Performance improvements

  • Features for better guiding of new users through the process of creating their first invoice

  • Task codes available on time entry screen

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