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Product update, December 2017
Product update, December 2017

Invoice bill-to options, Cc and Bcc for invoices, Setting payment method from LeanLaw

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Override invoice "bill-to" for matters

We now allow changing the invoice bill-to address for a matter. Normally, invoices get the address and contact information from the client. But in many case, you want that to be different for some matters. You can now do this under a new tab called "Billing" under a matter.

In the billing information section, there are checkboxes to override the client email and/or address. Also you can see a preview of what the "bill to" information will look like on the right side.ย 

Invoice Cc and Bcc

QuickBooks allow setting Cc and Bcc on invoices. This can now be controlled from LeanLaw so that you can send a copy of all invoices created from LeanLaw to, say, your accountant or key people in the firm.

Head to settings, then QuickBooks Integration to set this.

Payment Methods

This is also where you can set invoices to payment with "Online Credit Card" or "ACH" if you have this enabled in QuickBooks Online. The option is right above the Cc options. If you check one or both of those checkboxes, all your invoices will have that option set when it goes to QuickBooks:

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