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5 Steps to Importing with LeanLaw
5 Steps to Importing with LeanLaw
Steps to getting your data imported into LeanLaw.
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If you're migrating from a different software, chances are your firm has client information it would like to bring as well. To get that bundled up and into LeanLaw, we'll follow a 5-step guide. 

  1. If you're comfortable exporting the firm's data on your own, feel free to! We have exporting information for a few of the current leading platforms, which can be found here. If you'd prefer LeanLaw's assistance, contact our support team to get started.

  2. Once the data has been exported, take a moment to verify all of the necessary information has been collected. If you conducted the export on your own, please restructure the data according to the template provided HERE.

  3. Submit your data file(s) to our Engineering team for further inspection! We'll get back to you with any questions or feedback. Once the file has been reviewed, we'll verify with your firm that all of necessary information is contained.

  4. LeanLaw imports the data, and you'll be notified once the import has been completed! Please remember that your LeanLaw account is still usable during this time.

  5. Once you've been notified, please check to make sure all of the information is correctly seated in LeanLaw. If agreeable, you're all set!

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