How To: Change Rates on a Matter

Read on to find out how to update the rates of a matter.

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If you're looking for how to change a rate for specific user, check out this article. 

1. Navigate to Matters in LeanLaw

On the top action bar, click the Matters tab.

2. Select a Matter

Select the Matter associated with the Fixed Fee. You can use the search bar and filters to assist in locating the matter.

3. Click on the Billing & Rates tab. 

Hot Tip: If you would like to update the rate for all matters for the client, click the arrow next to "Save Changes" and instead select "Save Changes to All Matters for this Client".

Once you save the changes, you're given the option to update previous entries to the new rate. 

If you choose "Update Entries", all previous entries for the Matter will be updated to the new rate. 

If you choose "Don't Update Entries", previously entered entries will remain at whatever rate they were originally created with.

You can also change the rate on specific line items within Draft Invoices.

1. Open Billing

The Billing tab is found on LeanLaw's main navigation bar.

An image of the navigation bar with Billing selected

2. Navigate to Drafts and click on the Draft invoice you would like to edit.

3. Click on the Rate you want to edit.

4. Once there, edit the Rate for the specific line item and click Save.


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