Please make sure you have Trust accounting setup within LeanLaw firm settings. Here is a video to assist with that task:  How to: Set up trust accounting

Setup up Trust accounts, LeanLaw offers two different pathways.

Setting Up Trust before you have a client payment:  

  1. From the Matter tab, select the Matter.  

  2. From the Access and Billing Tab, use the "Setup Trust Accounting" tab.

Once the trust accounts are setup for the client, you can navigate to Billing Tab and Select Trust and use the Deposit Funds function to process a retainer payment. In this tool, you will be asked to identify the client and matter. 

Setting up trust and depositing a retainer in one action.

  1. Select the Billing tab from the main LeanLaw menu. 

  2. Select Trust from within the Billing sub-menu.

  3. Use the Deposit Funds function.  This will allow you to both deposit monies and set up the trust liability accounts in one action.

This video that illustrates this process:  How to: Make trust account deposits and payments

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