It's useful to show a Client which Timekeeper/Attorney was responsible for each item on an invoice. This automatically appears as a column in Draft/Approved invoices, but doesn't progress to QuickBooks Online. To get around this limitation we've added a couple options to show those initials as part of the entry's description.

Note: You will need access to the "Firm Setup" section of settings to access this. If you don't currently have it you can request it from a Partner/Principal or firm manager.

When you create a new user LeanLaw will ask you to enter their initials. If that wasn't entered when first created fret not! You can still open the User's profile and enter their initials.

P.S. If no initials are set then LeanLaw will default to the user's full name

Once you have selected the items that you want to be on a particular invoice, you have the option to edit what additional data appears on each line item.  In the image at the bottom of this email, you will see that I have checked the “include username” so that my name appears next to my time entries.  We also have the option to show initial instead of the full name.

This can be set as the default by enabling the "Include User Name in Description" option in your Invoice Presentation settings.

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